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What do we do?

Today, the companies that belong to our group are leaders in their respective fields within which they operate: car business, renewable energy, service business and real estate. One of our main goals is to create value in the areas that we work in and to encourage their progress. This is why today we invest in what will be relevant tomorrow.

Modern approach

Both the areas of business and their nature in “Modus Group” are connected by mobility, innovativeness and the best of available modern technology. All of this allows the Group’s business to move forward with exceptional velocity. Our brands that represent quality also constantly help to expand the list of our most loyal clients.


We use our strengths and constantly gain experience in all four of our business areas in order to achieve our common “Modus Group” goal – to increase the value and recognition of the Group by improving the effectiveness of our work, encouraging international collaboration and creating new visions for business.


The collaboration between companies that operate in diverse business areas allows us to open up greater opportunities such as speedy responses to the dynamics of local and international businesses and client needs. It also allows us to be flexible when we monitor the changes in the market and to be effective in our communication with international partners.

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