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Renewable energy

The goal of “Modus Group” is to encourage the increased development of alternative energy sources. We invest in future technologies and sell our responsibly generated energy to trustworthy energy users in the market as well as using the energy ourselves – the majority of “Modus Group” buildings are utilizing energy that was generated using renewable sources.

"Modus Energy"

The member of the Group “Modus energy” administers companies in the energetics field. “Modus energy” also organises energetics projects, their development, investments and constant upkeep.

The number of existing biogas plants:


Biogas plants total electric capacity of :

7,87 MW

Biogas plants total thermal capacity of:

8,34 MW

Over the years, produced green energy sufficient for households:

29 629

Over the years, the biogas plants saves tons of CO2:

93 303

Biogas power savings of CO2 at a level sufficient to forest:

4 241 ha

The existing solar power plant:


Solar power plants total electric power:

11,25 MW

Over the years, produced green energy sufficient for both households:

5 470

During the year, we save tons of CO2:

4 276

Over the years, the CO2 savings of this size would be enough to forest:

194 ha